About Us

Our company started in 2009. And it all started with the love of beauty.


We, like so many of you, fell for the incredible universe of esthetics and design a long time ago. So, after being representatives for various furniture and interior-design companies for more than 10 years, we decided to start our own. For the love of it. And for the best of it.


Since then we have been working to satisfy our customers with only the best design. Modern, contemporary, and exclusive furniture that brings distinct pleasure and presence.


"The details are not details. They make the design". In that way, we too believe that great design truly embellishes life. We will do anything to provide you design with amazing details, the highest quality and comfort, a search for eye-catching lines, harmonious forms and a sense of true timelessness.


Kristof Claeys graduated as an Interior Architect in 1997 and has been very been passionate about design and interior architecture for a very long time. After working as an interior architect for numerous different companies he decided he wanted his own company to share his knowledge with dedicated care and expertise in a different kind of way. Since then he has been traveling and visiting fairs, expositions, launches, all over the world and following everything related to design to bring you the best assistance, from start to finish. You can find him on his personal Facebook and Instagram-pages by following these links:

Ask us for our pdf-catalogues. All our brand collections and novelties are ready to be sent. Just leave us your email in the contact form and we will be more than happy to send you our collections for you to enjoy in beauty and detail.