Gufram investigates the line between art and design. Since its inception in Turin in 1966 the brand’s furniture has brought pop-art into homes worldwide. Gufram is pop-art and pop-art is Gufram. Gufram adds colour and life in its furniture.


One of its greatest achievements was the development of ‘Guflac’, an innovative product for their furniture that allowed it to be pliable and moldable. Before, it was impossible to think of new, fun or experimental shapes. Then came Gufram. By developing ‘Guflac’ it transformed the design possibilities giving the bright colored settings and forms associated to their furniture; furniture with texture, color, brightness and real fun. The "Red Lip Sofa", the Boca being probably the most famous and recognizable of many colourful items gave something to customers that wanted something different.



Today, Gufram offers a whole range of products; form sofas, to seats and tables etc. All in that unique special, colourful and always recognisable touch.