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Work and environment. Environment and work… 9 out of 10 people believe their workspace-quality directly affects their attitudes and thus increase productivity.


That’s why we believe in giving our best to design and fine-tune your offices, reception-halls, and meeting-rooms so that productivity, competitiveness and real satisfaction can be daily ingredients of your office-environment. Because we truly believe a solid and different workplace really makes the difference.


Here are some references of the past customers we had the privilege to advice and provide:


Axa, ING, Fortis BNP-Paribas, Bank van Breda, Bank of China, Hilton Hotel Brussels, Radisson SAS Red, Sofitel Hotel Toison d’or, De Singel Antwerpen, CHU Liege, UZ Gent, Xerox, Volvo, etc... Kabinets of Ministers: Geert Bourgeois, Yves Leterme, Minister-President Rudy Vervoort, Grand Theatre Opera du Luxembourg, Aeroport International du Luxembourg, etc...