Hospitality & Public



Every hotel has its own unique story. Chances are your hotel is already furnished, but is it with eye-catching design?


This is where personalization comes to play. The goal is of course to ceate a unique stay and experience for your visitors and that's why it's important that sleeping rooms, receptions and lobby’s have their own unique visual style and feel – no matter the common theme.


Having unique furniture brings a difference in impression, and so enjoyment and satisfaction. When your hotel is truly personalized with finesse and furniture you can rest assured knowing that you will reap the benefits of what they will provide to you: a special feeling and experience and thus lasting memory with your clients.


Public Spaces


The same goes for the role of furniture in public spaces. Public spaces like public halls, stations or plazas have different flows and functions. When the moment arrives to choose the overall design of it, it is important to know what atmosphere and function is being looked after.


Furniture in public space needs to be taken into account from early on so that they can become integral elements that help enhance the feel and look of a place rather than being an afterthought. When the line between furniture and architectural design is not considered, furniture no longer brings what it is supposed to; a vehicle for conveying a certain flux and presence.


We offer public public-space designers te most modern furniture with the purest design so they can aim to improve just that: true quality of life